Remembering Mom Before Mother’s Day

The one year anniversary for my mom’s passing is this week.  It also coincides with mother’s day.  Feelings for her have been appearing more often in my meditations. There is lots of sadness and tears.  Sadness doesn’t feel negative to me. When I am fully accepting of it, it feels full of humaanity. It makes me whole.

Here I share a copy of the eulogy I made at her funeral. In remembrance of her.  She was not perfect, but she was brave. That is all we can ask of ourselves in this precious experience of life.

Pandemic Love

Corona has finally hit the other side of the world with full force.   While I am worried about my family and friends on the other side of the Pacific, I am living in a little bubble here in Jeju Island.  In a remote part of a beautiful island, we have no run on the supermarkets and no shortage of masks.   The streets had never been crowded here, now even the occasionally touristy spots are eerily vacant.  It has been a good time for us to have the entire kid cafe or even the aerospace museum to ourselves and a few brave souls.