Coach Cecilia The Self-Growth Coach

Changes are life's growth opportunities

You can come out wiser and stronger

About cecilia ding the self-growth coach

My Philosophy

I am a Self-Growth Coach and Canadian Certified Counselor focused on transformations.
I guide committed leaders, managers and individuals in the exciting process of growth.


Healing Opportunities:
Life’s Transitions
Healing from Intergenerational Trauma

Grieving Life’s losses
Through various evidence-based modalities


Growth Opportunities
Expanding Self at Life’s Each Stage
Building New Connections 
8-Week MBSR Coaching Program
8-Week Relationship Coaching

Webinars & Workshop

Learning Opportunities
S.A.G.E. Educational Contents

Online Meditation Room
S.A.G.E. way, a 4-step to guide changes for
Individual, Couple, Parent and Leader’s 

“It is when we are in transition that
we are most completely alive. ”