Covid has changed our reality

You can come out stronger

I am a Canadian Certified Counselor
Trained in EMDR, relationship coaching, mindfulness and trauma healing

My Philosophy

My coaching is guiding and exploring but not telling. The answer always reside within you.  My mission is to help you find the strength and tools you can use on your own.


I help individual clients with tackling the following areas: Managing Stress and Anxiety; Finding direction for Self improvement; Thriving in Midlife transition, Covid stress, etc.


Everyone is part of a system. When we go through a difficult time like Covid or normal life transitions, the system is impacted. I guide couples and families in such transitions.  

Workshops and Consulting

Burnout from stress is common and impact companies’s  bottom line. I provide interactive workshops and in-house individual coaching sessions to keep up motivation. 

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Rumi