Coach Cecilia The Self-Growth Coach

INDIVIDUAL Cecilia Ding the self growth Coach


Transforming during Teenage Years:
Challenges: Social Isolation Peer Pressure, Academic Stress 

Opportunities: Establishing Autonomy, Boundaries, Identity

Transforming during Early Adulthood
Challenges: Job Search, Financial Stress, Relationships Challenge

Opportunities: Building Confidence, Identify Personal Objectives

Transforming during Midlife Transition
Challenges:  Career Stagnation, Conflicting Responsibilities
Opportunities: Expanding self through changes and conflicts

Transforming during Post Retirement:
Challenges: Generation Gap, Aging, Loss of Loved Ones
Opportunities: Reinvigorate with New Identity and Community

RELATIONSHip Cecilia Ding the self growth coach

Couples and Families

Transforming during a New Relationship:
Challenges: Misunderstanding, Lack of Trust, Compromising self

Opportunities: Intimate Connection, Deeper Self-Discovery

Transforming with a Growing or Blended Family:
Challenges: Fertility, Increasing Responsibilities, Conflicts

Opportunities: Fertility Counseling, Joy of Parenting, New Values

Transforming through the Pain of Infidelity and Conflicts
Challenges:  Emotional Pain, Uncertainties in a New Path
Opportunities: Rebuilding Trust and Creating New Intimacy

Transforming through a Separation or Breakup:
Challenges:  Feelings of Anger & Grief, Fear of the Future
Opportunities: New Relationships, self-identity and self-belief 

Groups and Companies

Transformation through Life Transition Support Groups
Grow through joining a small and intimate support groups for a transition period fitting what you are going through. Join Now

Online Meditation Group for Consistent Self-Care
Free Online Meditation Groups(Sun, Tues, Thur at 9 pm PST)
Join us for a 15-minute guided relaxation.    More Info Here

Transformation For Educators, Parents and Coaches
Webinars and workshops on the S.A.G.E™ way, an original approach that provides tools for helping others grow and transform through life’s transitions. 

Transformation For Companies and Corporations
S.A.G.E™ way trainings, customized to each company’s culture, provides team leaders and managers with an effective way to connect and guide in challenging times. 


I want to feel heard and want to believe in myself as a capable person. I thought it is not too much to ask. But I haven’t had it for many years. and I stopped believing it is possible. Here I did. –Josie W.

I enjoyed talking to Cecilia. I like that she challenges me sometimes. I didn’t want someone just to pamper me. I want to feel better but also learn things. –Xu Z.

Learning about SAGE helped me and my team work much better in stressful times. It gave us a comprehensive and accessible way to remember how to build a safe and productive environment.   — Duke G.