Coach Ceci The Self-Growth Coach


Transforming through Teenage Year Transition:
Challenge: Social Skill, Peer Pressure, Academic Stress 

Goals: Establishing Autonomy, Boundaries, Identity

Transforming through Early Adulthood Transition
Challenge: Job Hunting, Financial Stress, Relationships

Goals: Building Job Confidence, Personal Directions

Transforming through Midlife Transition
Challenges:  Career growth, multiple responsibilities
Goals: Expanding self through changes and conflicts

Transforming through Post Retirement Transition:
Challenges: Reconnection, Aging, Grief
Goals: Regenerating with New Identity and Community 

Couples and Families

Transforming during a New Relationship:
Challenge: Understanding, Trust, Staying Authentic

Goals: Establishing Boundaries, Healthy Communication

Transforming during a Growing or Blended Family:
Challenge: Sharing Responsibilities, Conflicting Beliefs

Goals: Building New Routines, Co-Parenting, Self-Care

Transforming through the Pain of Infidelity and Conflicts
Challenges:  Healing From Pain, Finding New Path
Goals: Rebuilding Trust and Creating New Intimacy

Transforming through a Separation or Breakup:
Challenges:  Feelings of Anger & Grief, Fear of the Future
Goals: Re-establishing Boundaries, New Self-Identity 

Groups and Companies

Transformation through Life Transition Support Groups
Grow through small and intimate support groups for a transition challenge fitting what you are going through. Join Now

Transformation For Educators, Parents and Coaches
Webinars and workshops on the S.A.G.E™ way, an original approach, provides tools to helping others grow and transform through life’s transition. 

Transformation For Companies and Corporations
S.A.G.E™ way trainings, customized to your company’s culture, provides team leaders and managers with an effective way to connect and guide


I want to feel heard and want to believe in myself as a capable person. I thought it is not too much to ask. But I haven’t found it for many years. and I stopped believing it is possible. Here I did. –Josie W.

I enjoyed talking to Ceci. I like that she challenges me sometimes. I didn’t want someone just to pamper me. I want to feel better but also learn things. –Xu Z.

Learning about SAGE helped me and my team work much better in stressful times. It gave us an easy and quick way to remember what we needs to build a safe and encouraging environment.   — Duke G.