Coach Ceci The Self-Growth Coach

About Ceci

Cecilia Ding is an experienced growth coach and certified counselor dedicated to helping clients in their own transformations. Her coaching and therapeutic experience created an original and scientifically based approach, the S.A.G.E™ way. She is trained in life coaching, mindfulness, trauma healing, individual, couple and family counseling.

Cecilia has had a passion for empowering others since high school. She campaigned for domestic violence prevention and founded a startup to continue that mission. Her work was recognized by the city and state government, featured by prominent newspaper such as the Boston Globe and New York Times. She was also invited to the white house to receive a community service award from the then First Lady Hillary Clinton.


After graduating from Harvard University, Cecilia entered the financial industry, specializing in international IPO and venture capital fundraising. In her late 20s, she started her own real estate investment and management company. After success in dozens of projects across the United States and overseas, she retired in her 30s. After spending several years writing and self-reflection, she decided to return to her roots of helping others as a life-coach. She received training in coaching,  play therapy, family and couple counseling. She has also been trained in trauma treatment techniques including EMDR, hypnosis and brainspotting. 

Cecilia was born in China and  grew up in America. She speaks English and Mandarin fluently, has a working knowledge of Cantonese, and is conversational in French and Spanish.

I am strong, but also have many vulnerable moments;
I am intelligent, but still ignorant of many things.
I am open, but might close up in moments of fear.

I believe passionately that transitions in life are portals for transformation.
I am here to guide you in these exciting, and at times, painful times.

                                                                                                       –Cecilia Ding