Coach Cecilia The Self-Growth Coach

Cecilia at Canadian Embassy in China
Cecilia Ding is an experienced growth coach, registered U.S. therapist and certified Canadian counselor dedicated to helping clients in their own transformations. In her coaching and therapeutic practice, she uses an original and scientifically based approach, the S.A.G.E™ way. She is trained in counseling, mindfulness, trauma healing, individual, couple and family therapy.

Cecilia has had a passion for empowering others since high school. Her fight against domestic violence was featured in the New York Times and Boston Globe. She received numerous services awards including one from Hillary Clinton.

She leads workshops and support groups on relationship, mindfulness and runs a free online meditation group with members from multiple countries. She enjoys writing and contributes regularly to mental health publications.


Cecilia was born in China and  grew up in America.   She continues to learn and combine the treasures from both cultures.  After graduating from Harvard University, she entered the financial industry, specializing in international IPO and venture capital.  At 30, she started a real estate investment and management company.  After success in dozens of projects across the United States and overseas, she decided to retire and stay on only as a passive investor. After spending several years writing and doing self-reflection, she connected with her love for our inner emotional world, decided to return to her roots of helping others as a life-coach and therapist. Besides completing a Master’s in Counseling, she received training in motivational interviewing,  play therapy, EFT, trauma resolution techniques including EMDR, hypnosis. She is a Canadian Certified Counselor and a member of the American Counselor’s Association. 


Having grew up and studied in multiple cultures, she is particularly  experienced with the opportunities change can bring for our growth.  She specializes in guiding clients to transform themselves through change.  She sees clients of many cultural and professional background and provides training for organizations, with a particular strength for coaching individuals, families and groups experiencing major transitions.  She believes that clients ultimately have all the answers within themselves.  She helps them uncover the power already within.  She empower her clients to discover answers through her original S.A.G.E.(Secure-Attune-Guide-Embody) approach rather than giving them solutions.  She speaks and writes English and Mandarin fluently, has a working knowledge of Cantonese.  Cecilia splits her time between Bay area, East Coast and China. She looks forward to meeting all that life puts in her path. 

We are strong, but also have many vulnerable moments;
We are intelligent, but still can be unprepared for changes.
We are open, but might close up in fear of changes.

I believe passionately that changes in life are portals for transformation.
I am here to guide you in these exciting, and at times, painful moments.

                                                                                                       –Cecilia Ding