Free Online Meditation Room

To everyone out there who appreciates the power of inner body connection:

Please spread the word about my free online meditation room. It runs several times a week across different time zones. The schedules changes from time to time depending on the season. Please scan the QR code in the poster to sign up and receive notices about different times this group will meet over zoom or tencent.

I will play a piece of gentle music and use scripts I wrote or learned from others to guide the group. No audio or video from participants is necessary. This is an entirely experiential time for silence and mindfulness meditation.

Meditation and Mindfulness have been pivotal in my own healing and in the journey to heal for my clients as a counselor as well as an important tool for my coaching clients. I want to share this with everyone through this group. You can learn more about me at  Please scan the qr code in the pinned post to sign up with a very simple form.

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