Cecilia Ding The Self Growth Coach

Don’t let fear rule us

I notice we hurt each other with our fear so much.

The husband who snaps at the wife for making an innocent mistake about what he was going to do–his fear from the weight of past unjust expectations makes him yell at her “why did you say that? Would you say something I am not going to do?”

The dad who flinches every time her daughter did something he fears would offend others, making her sad once again of not winning his approval.

The mother who becomes impatient with her baby, fearful of what potential negative reactions she would be receiving from the men she had to negotiate with.

Remembering my first coaching experience

When I first started to play the role of a coach/healer, I was inspired by the first time I acted as a coach/therapist by accident.  Everyone starts somewhere.  The people closest to me benefit earliest and simultaneously serve as Ginnie pigs in my early practice.  I have the chance to be the present listener and affirmer the people interacting with me regularly need.  Sometimes it happens without my intention. Those are the best teaching moments.