Embracing the past

Embrace my, your and their otherness

Being afraid of my own differences.

Since I started writing, whether in my journal or in my novel, I have deliberately tried to hide my own ethnic background.  I told myself I could attract a wider audience this way because most English-speaking readers are after all not Chinese.  I told myself it was a business decision.   That might be true, but ultimately,  I have to admit, it is because I am still insecure and worry about not being accepted.

Finding my authenticity

      As I sit on my yoga mat on the rooftop of a local family-run hotel, I stare at the stars with immense gratitude.   In moments where I am able to enjoy this space alone, I feel very connected to the nature around me.   Even if this is not the carefully landscaped rooftop of a 5-star hotel, even if the floor is just concrete without embellishment of modern architecture,  I feel there is so much to be grateful for.  I am able to have this safe space to myself for a daily check-in with myself.   It is a very important ritual in the process to find myself.   

Piano and Rain; Mission and Longing

Mission Statement:

     Accompanied by the meditative rhythm of rain and piano music, I wrote a few lines for my mission statement:

  • Empower awareness of everyone’s essence by connecting with my own core.
  • See others around me for who they truly are by valuing all the way I appear naturally in the world
  • Model self-belief by fulfilling the potential this life brings with courage.
  • Bring tranquility to those around me by staying calm in times of great pain and anxiety. 
  • Create positivity wherever I am by believing in the beauty of humanity