Coach Ceci The Self-Growth Coach

Au revoir for now.

I have not had much chance to post in the past year. My practice has gotten much busier, which is good news. I am learning so much from my clients and my own therapists and books. There is so much, so much to learn.

I keep on saying I will come back and post more regularly, I must now accept that it is not realistic while I am trying to grow my practice and work on creating a new concept in healing and psychoeducation. I felt it is more respectful to this space and myself to say a temporary bye. I know I will continue to write, maybe on another mental health platform or in my own book. I am still exploring.

Thank you for those who have read. I hope you have benefited as much from reading as I did from writing. I feel sad about leaving but also excited about saying hello to a new chapter.

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